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In June 2000, the Group with the approval from the Ministry of Health, set up Singapore’s first multi-service centre for epilepsy support. It is the centre of operations from which a range of services that are tailored to meet individual requirements and improve community understanding are offered.

These include:

  • Counselling – We provide counselling for people with epilepsy and their families on issues such as adjustment to epilepsy, family, school and employment problems.
  • Community Education – Many misconceptions that abound and prejudice still surrounds epilepsy. Our community educators provide services designed to improve community understanding and awareness. These include providing speakers for various professional and community groups, films, videos and an information and reference service.
  • Drop-In Centre – The Group has a drop-in centre for people with epilepsy and their families to meet and discuss their problems and share their thoughts.

Where we cannot provide the service needed, we help find the appropriate programs to meet individual needs.

3779 Jalan Bukit Merah
#02-03 Bukit Merah Community Hub

Singapore 159462
Tel: (65) 6358-0566

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